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Ventilated & Light-proof, Energy Saving≥50%

Outdoor HD LED Display Leader, very mature product. Initial creator for such panel, ventilated & light-proof. Super slim, light weight, can meet the most demanding requirements. 

Using the high brightness led light with the lowest consumption, saving engergy ≥30%, with 28 core technologypatent, whole saving engergy≥50%, energy saving and environment protection.





4 Types Standardlized LED Module, Excellent Display Effect

Standardlized ventilation led module has 4 types, make it possible for customer to upgrade the screen to smaller pixel pitch, increase the secondary marketing opportunity and maintain good relationship. 

Broadcast color gamut, intelligent adjustment for color temperature and brightness. Uniform color, high contrast, the picture is vivid and nature.


IP67, Fast Installation and Maintenance

IP67 for modules, meets outdoor naked installtion requirements.Design based on module, which saves installation and maintenance cost, fast speed, maintenance with power on.


Firm, Flat and Backup Solution

Dark black surface,firm and flat, anti-UV module parts, which gurantees screen in firm shape.Power supplier and control system, backup solution is available to gurantee.Camera optional, Lan cable, 3G, WIFI, Multi-control, ethernet for data trasmittance options.


Products seriesC-Vent
Pixel Pitch(mm)10~26.6mm
Pixel density(dots/㎡)1406~ 10000
LED encapsulationSMD/DIP
Driving method1/2 or static
Module size(mm) 480X160
Cabinet size(mm)960X960
Material of cabinet Iron
Weight of cabinet(kg)33~35
 Working voltage(v) 4.2~5
Max.consumption(w/㎡) 230~680
Ave.consumption(w/㎡ ) 80~225
Brightness(nit) 5000~10000
Color temperature6000~8000K   
View angle110°/110°
Refresh rate(hz)1920
Working temaperatuer-20℃ ~+50℃ 
GradeIP65 / IP65
Grey / scale13~15bit